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The ASP.NET runtime maintains a pool of HttpApplication objects. When an incoming request arrives, the runtime takes an HttpApplication object from the pool to pair with the request. The object remains associated with the request, and only that request, until the request processing is complete. When the request is finished the runtime may return the object to the pool, and later pull it out to service another request later – but only one request at a time is associated with an HttpApplication object.


used to invoke a function. arguments passed enter scope of function.


merges objects into first object. Used for e.g. for settings, example.

Dependency property identifier

The dependency property identifier field can also be used as a parameter in APIs such as GetValue and SetValue that expose the fundamentals of the Silverlight property system


plus this (if user control) or Page.FindControl etc.

C# Delegate Inference


“C# infers the // delegate type, as if you had typed the following: // new TimerCallback(MyTimerCallback)”

@media (screen and print)

The media CSS At-rule works in IE8 to target containing styles toward the screen (for normal browsing) or print for printing or print-preview.

Sibling Selectors

Adjacent and General Sibling Selectors – useful for hiding/showing content in combination with :focus speudo class.

Isolated Storage

The Isolated Storage API is a safe critical feature. Ref